Providing high density LiDAR mapping services.
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Industry Applications

MT LiDAR data has applications in many industries:

 Land Development, Land Planning, Surveying

  • Detailed topographic maps
  • Assess impact of development
  • Asses shoreline changes due to various factors such as: wave action, land development and other factors
  • Hydrological study

Mining Industry, Earthmoving Industry

  • Site planning
  • Volume assessment/calculations
  • Site impact studies
  • Detailed topographic maps

Power Utilities

  • Detailed topographic maps
  • Map tower locations
  • Audit vegetation encroachment
  • Future planning and maintenance of existing infrastructure
  • Audit transmission line sag, tree interference, and clearance of buildings/vegetation


  • Detailed topographic maps
  • Record average diameter, height, species, density
  • Monitor changes and impact to environment

Landfill and Waste Management

  • Detailed topographic maps
  • Detect changes in landfill site
  • Volumetric calculation
  • Aids in site planning and future management