Providing high density LiDAR mapping services.
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MT LiDAR LLC specializes in design quality – precise accuracy remote sensing supporting the engineering, surveying and mapping professions. The firm is based in Kalispell, Montana and began operations in 2007. MT LiDAR is a division of Sands Surveying, Inc. a land surveying firm with 4 Montana Professional Land Surveyors on staff who aid in survey and control services for LiDAR data acquisition, data processing, and final mapping deliverables.

MT LiDAR operates with a MD 520N turbine helicopter with installed LiDAR mount. Precise airborne GPS aids in navigation and data acquisition. The company uses a Optech Galaxy for aerial mapping and data collection.

Office computations at MT LiDAR are performed on state-of-the-art networked PC Computers using up-to-date versions of AutoCAD, MicroStation, TerraSolid, Microsoft Office and other supporting software. These are used to produce classified point clouds, digital elevation models, digital terrain models, planimetrics and contours using industry standards. Deliverables are prepared in the specified coordinate system and produced in a timely and efficient manner. Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are in place to assure the quality and accuracy of the data that is produced.

MT LiDAR has flown projects varying from land planning and design to gravel pit and mine mapping; soil and stream restoration projects to floodplain studies. Deliverables range from providing classified point clouds to complete DTM, contour, planimetrics and intensity image products. MT LiDAR can produce data in any specified coordinate system including State Plane, UTM and local systems.

Our goal at MT LiDAR is to provide our clients with highly accurate engineering grade mapping at a reasonable competitive cost and to be able to deliver those products and deliverables in a timely and professional manner.